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Priorities - A: high, B: medium, C: low; Status - _: unfinished, X: finished, C: cancelled, P: pending, o: in progress, >: delegated. Covey quadrants - Q1 & Q3: urgent, Q1 & Q2: important
B1XRegister my key with a keyserver {{Tasks:623}}
B2XFix CS_CHECK, CFG_CHECK2 {{Tasks:637}} (../../tmp/linux-2.6.3-rc3/drivers/net/wireless/hostap_cs.c)
B3XDescribe planner-erc {{Tasks:638}} (Chat with johnsu01 on
B4Xplanner-search-notes-previous-match and planner-search-notes-next-match {{Tasks:630}} (PlannerModeCompletedTasks)
B5XCheck out {{Tasks:557}} (E-Mail from John Wiegley)
B6XReply {{Tasks:569}} (E-Mail from Rainer Volz)
B7XResize my partitions {{Tasks:458}}
B8XGet user comments on PlannerModeNotesIndexDemo {{Tasks:616}} (PlannerModeNotesIndex)
B9XMake it easy to edit emacs-wiki links, as if we do the funky escaping thing, we can't easily edit them any more. {{Tasks:627}} (EmacsWikiMode)

~/.diary schedule

12:30 13:30 CS161 at IBM Room
13:30 14:30 CS161 at IBM Room
15:30 16:30 CS21A at F227


10. Planner tasks from notes

Categories: PlannerMode#32 -- Permalink
Planner tasks from notes should update the notes page that they link to while maintaining the special links. This means that planner-jump-to-linked-task needs to be smarter.

Let us look at case 1: Link to plan page note

The plan page has a date link, no anchor. The date page has a plan link with an anchor. Example:

 #A1  _ Foo (2004.03.11)
 #A1  _ Foo ([[SomePage#1][SomePage]])

Problem! The plan page does not contain enough information to reconstruct the link if necessary. I can't think of a neat way to fix this yet. Can anyone?

9. Ah, I have an old version of httpd.el

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I need a newer version from if I want to try this. I should also get johnw's httpd-serve.


8. Got httpd.el working. Now to figure out how to get it to work with emacs-wiki...

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7. ASTI Embedded Systems Group looking for interns

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The Embedded Systems Group of the Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI-DOST) is looking for highly motivated techie undergrads for it's summer internship program. Qualified applicants should be undergraduates in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, ECE, and related fields. Knowledge in either C/C++, the Linux kernel and OS, or device drivers, etc. is a plus, but all other applicants are welcome to apply anyway. Send in your updated resume to and we would contact you asap. Flyers would hopefully be distributed to the individual departments within the week.

I highly recommend this. =) I was part of the embedded systems group during my summer practicum. Those guys are cool. (And I got to hack on the Linux iPAQ a bit more...)

E-Mail from Paolo Lim

6. Game defense

Categories: CS21A#37 -- Permalink
minesweeper 16:48

You can select a level. Recursion. Mouse listener. New. Moves left.

Next graphics.

Rock paper scissors

Cool: pictures. Basic game, from no experience. Score. AI. Next step: animation? two-player? correctly facing images.


Cool: error-checking

How to fix the X thing? Ah, okay, he knows how. In terms of skill, shows promise. Game needs a bit of work, but that's about it. =) Also, code could probably use methods.

Next: graphics, improve the code


- <nop>NumberFormat, but they know that already =) - random events - interest - changing prices - range - new thing: no layout


Cool - arrays, interface, classic gameplay

5. Template for CS21A project defense

Categories: CS21A#36 -- Permalink
- How can we install and play your game? - What problems did you encounter programming the game, and how did you solve them? - What did you learn from this project and how did you learn that? - Aside from the things we learned in class, did you learn anything else while working on the game? - What would you like to learn how to do next?

4. Planner now supports ERC

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To create a task based on ERC chat, position the point on a line in an ERC chat window. It will pick up the current nick, channel, and server. See documentation inside planner-erc.el for more details.


(defvaralias 'remember-annotation-functions 'planner-annotation-functions)

Chat on

3. On the usefulness of planner

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  <dto> this really is perfect. I had different projects at work, so I would end up with FooProject, which had a todo list
        and important links and information, sort of an executive summary
  <dto> then I would have FooProjectJournal, which had a sort of blog in it, where I would paste snippets of stuff... on
        unix you need to keep track of text
  <sachac> Yup, you can do that! =)
  <dto> so this is really a very natural transition, except planner does it for you
  <sachac> Or you can just stick the * Notes section at the end of your plan page for FooProject, where it doesn't really
           matter unless you scroll down. <laugh>
  <dto> I was doing it all manually in a MoinMoin wiki

Chat with dto on

2. On snarfing Outlook schedule entries

Categories: PlannerMode#31 -- Permalink
As we now mostly use ~/.diary for our schedule entries, Outlook schedule import is not PlannerMode's problem any more. ;) It would be kinda nice for RememberMode, though.


1. Should emacs-wiki links be easily editable?

Categories: EmacsWikiMode#1 -- Permalink
With the recent addition of `emacs-wiki-link-escape' and `emacs-wiki-link-unescape', links are now unescaped before displaying. This makes them uneditable. People probably shouldn't be editing the links manually as this can screw up planner links (among others), but I should provide an easy way to edit the link at point. I have a function in my emacs-wiki-config.el to do that. I'll probably bind to C-c C-e, which makes sense.


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